Writing: A Love/Hate Story, Part I

My first published book, Night Falls on Tephalus, is thiiiiiiiiis close to the finish line, but holy hell, what a long, strange road it's been. The thing that eventually became Night Falls first came into existence in November 2011. Yes, you read that right. 7 1/2 fucking years ago. Previously, I was embarrassed to tell... Continue Reading →

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Writing: A Love/Hate Story, Part III

WARNING: Multiple f bombs ahead. In the previous episode of Writing: A Love/Hate Story, I revealed that I overthink shit like no one's business. I am also OCD about writing to an insane level. You know why? Because writing matters. Word choice matters. Plot and character development matter. Pacing and internal consistency matter. And as... Continue Reading →

Writing: A Love/Hate Story, Part II

Continuing the saga of my first published book, Night Falls on Tephalus. Now, where was I? Right, I had written a 50,000 word trainwreck during NaNoWriMo 2011. Well, that may be a little unfair. It did have a plot, it had clear characters, including a great protagonist, and damned if the writing wasn't really pretty... Continue Reading →

The Power of Hiring a Pro

From the post: "The belief that a 20-second Google search puts us on equal footing with professionals with decades of education, training, and experience is one of the Internet's biggest drawbacks. Well, that and the popularity of the Kardashians."

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